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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. How do I hide the games I have played?

Does anybody know?

I do not think you can, but ... do not tell anyone whom you are and nobody will interested in see your games :)

Why would you want to hide your games?
Are you ashamed of your games?

create a new account
play games on that account
hidden from anyone that knew your first account

I actually wondered about that.
The reason why you would want to do that is so people can't prepare against you, both OTB or e.g. in the lichess4545 league.
Though most OTB players probably won't know your online account (however some people you know a bit might).

bit of tape on the screen might work.

There will always be the smart alack with a stupid comment.

The real reason is quite simple. Chess games lie in the public domain for all to see. Internet chess has chosen to follow the policy of Open chess tournaments or casual club play. Anybody can watch the games. Chess is not played behind closed doors, unless it's a private affair. Your chess history is a matter of public record. If you wish for it not to be seen, then you'll have to make different accommodations.

I want my games to be seen , because they are masterpieces of the chessboard. The future generations will study them. Only after 200 years people will understand my ideas.

of course

@mdinnerspace what is a smart alack? You mean smart Aleck surely?