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  3. Hardest chess variant?

I think antichess is the hardest, there are so many ridiculous combinations that can lead to a loss. Atomic / FischerRandom also are hard IMO. BTW, I think normal chess is the hardest, but I said chess variant, and technically, normal chess isn't a variant.

I think crazyhouse

meh antichess is solved

meh, On my alt account I was able to get 1860 rated in Atomic. It's pretty easy. Just learn some computer lines and you'll beat most U1600's.

I'd think Crazyhouse is the most complicated, and probably the hardest, or at least the hardest to master.

Crazyhouse is definitely the most complex variant on here.

I'd give 2nd place to 960

I forgot crazyhouse. Even then, I still think its second to antichess. Just because in anti a regular looking move can lead to a loss in 31 or something stupid like that.

antichess is already solved lol, crazyhouse is definitely hardest

Racing kings I am the most clueless but I doubt that it is the hardest objectively. Probably crazyhouse or chess960

Since I'm not good at most variants, I'd say King of the Hill, or KOTH, is hardest. Antichess is second, because some random move might just lead to loss in 26 or something. How do those antichess masters get so good at it?

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