Had an opponent dragging out a R+K vs R+K endgame

Has anyone else met a player like this? There was no pawn left, yet my opponent had to reach the limit before he agrees that yes it is a draw. In my opinion, albeit not against the rules, it was very unsportsmanlike. In the game, I blundered my rook after about 40 moves and resigned, but that was entirely on my part.

Should this trouble me, or, instead, should I also do the same in my future games, since 'a game isn't drawn until you agree to it'?

Yes, it's very annoying. Please don't do this. Luckily most players don't drag out trivially drawn endgames, I only had one such case (opposite coloured bishops, where my opponent had two more pawns, but they were effectively blockaded. In the end I was just switching my bishop between same two squares till 50move rule hit in).

God created the increment, yet it is up to you to use it.

Such things have happened in otb chess for hundreds years, complaining is barking at the moon.

@Sarg0n I guess you're correct, that attempting to find any solution will result in vain.
Well, just gotta hope that either I don't match with such opponents anymore, or that R v R endgames never occur again)))
On the other hand, I'm grateful that most of the players on lichess aren't like this.

Well the guys strategy worked, you were not able to prove a draw and blundered your rook and lost. There is nothing wrong with what he did, i have seen Magnus Carlsen continue to play on and on and on in a completely drawn endgame only to wear his opponent out and go on to win after the opponent failed to defend correctly. If its good enough for the world champion to do then certainly its ok for us lesser mortals to do it....

Unless it's bullet (or less than one minute left) it's NOT ok. If it was bullet you should always do it and even try to win.

I wouldn't mind changing the 50-move rule to a 40-move rule (or even less).

optimal knight+bishop checkmate in worst possible situation (that is not a draw) takes 33 moves. So 40 move rule woudl be unfair as some won games would end up being draw with practical matingsequence

@veixhen Instead of you saying "it's a draw" and playing moves without thinking then blundering, you yourself should stay focused and also be sure that you're making optimal moves.