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  3. Had an opponent dragging out a R+K vs R+K endgame

R+K R+K hurts. I lost one once to a good player and I had to go and learn to dance for the guaranteed draw.

It is really sad though, I see your point.

It's even worse when there's no increment and you are arguing over milliseconds.


@Toadofsky, I don't know if that would be wise to go from 50 to 40. Once in your life time you might play K+N+B against K, and you might be happy to have 50 moves to complete the checkmate.

@cheddarman1 @daniel921126
Both of you are right in that I made a mistake by not staying focused.
At that moment, however, I was just frustrated by the fact that the opponent rejected the draw offer thrice and kept playing. Maybe that cost me the game.
Whether it is better to just give him the rating points that he sought, or to play on for 50 moves I wasn't sure of.

Maybe I should practice my patience, haha.

Well, on the one hand, I think there are situations where the endgame reaches a situations that is theoretically drawn (e.g. rook and 3 pawns vs rook and 3 pawns on the same side of the board or K+R vs K+N) that ought to be played out to test your opponent. K+R vs K+R is not one of those situations--I'd take the draw--but in a more complicated endgame where time isn't an issue, yeah, you should be prepared to fight it out even if you know that it is theoretically drawn.

Your opponent thought he might be able to win the game and he did. Just because a game can not be won by force, does not mean it is a draw 100%. Chess is about winning, not about trusting the abilities of your opponent.