Competition: create the shortest game with e.p. and mate (PxP e.p. #)

Go ahead, what is the shortest checkmate you can find delivered with an en-passant move?

Or have an educated guess how much moves it takes?

The best I can come up is 7 moves, I don't have a direct proof you can't make it in 6, but it seems unlikely you can make a "cage" for your king in less moves than that.

1. f3 h5 2. Kf2 Nh6 3. d3 d5 4. h3 Bxh3 5. Be3 Nf5 6. Qe1 h4 7. g4 hxg4 e.p. #

Actually I found the one in #3 myself, too. Exactly the same! :D

Anyone faster?

(I have another ace up my sleeve!)

#4 @NemPlayer Wow, never thought such a double check is even possible. That we can use for check two pieces that don't actually move!

I found a 7-move mate for white with more orthodox double checkmate.
I quite convinced myself it is not possible to deliver a checkmate en passant to the player who only made 5 moves, albeit I don't have a formal proof of this.