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  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Bot that recognizes FEN on arbitrary screenshots that contain a chess board

I tried it with this screenshot:

Its output was:

I'm really shocked.

[ installation guide ( at least this is what finally worked for me ) : ]

Said bot watches the chess subreddit and posts FENs there as well as links to analyse the position on Lichess.

The idea has been around a while. There is an android app called Chessify that allows you to capture a screenshot of a chessboard using your phone's camera. It instantly converts it to FEN or you can analyze it right away with the built in engine that uses stockfish.

I have this online now.

Drag and drop the screenshot of a chess board here:



posted this ...

... got this:

which is not _that_ impressive :-D

I contacted the developers of the neural net regarding the above image:

( I looked into it locally, and prediction certainty is only 45%, so the bot itself thinks its prediction is a suspect. )

Is there one that works for a picture of an OTB game?
Or is that still in the future?

Even recognizing that there is an OTB chess game going on in a picture is not a done deal yet, not to speak of recognizing the position. May be Google could do something about it if it really wanted to, but certainly not the project introduced in the OP:

They asked for more images like that so,

I hope they get it working because it would be nice to have one that works well. I've tried a few over the years that all fail like this. If it's helpful I can email them a lot more such images.

It would be really nice when you don't have time to finish a game. On the other hand can you imagine what this would do for cheating in chess? A spy camera in your shirt button hooked to a raspberry pi in your coat pocket programmed with a system of communication which is hooked to some buzzer or electrode under your shirt.
That kind of cheating would be detectable only by observing that the cheater plays computer like moves, which can also be obfuscated.

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