Karjakin Takes the Lead in Round 12 of the Candidates

Well , well....
Karjakin is back! The quiet power...
Thanks Fiona!

Even though Karjakin is fairly down my list of people I would like to see as a challenger his results speak for themselves.

Also, the venue/FIDE-stuff asides, I think this years candidates has been excellent and the quality of online coverage (non-official) has markedly improved compared to 2016!.

Coverage is indeed very good, but analysis is almost nowhere to be seen... Live comments and press conferences are nice, don't misunderstand my point. I was just hoping for a more serious analytical approach to the games afterwards. Most reports (with a couple of exceptions that I won't advertise) are simply replays with a few words and the most obvious computer-based improvements.
Very few reporters now quote (or know) how many opportunities were missed by a given player during the tournament, how many half-points were "served on a plate" (not really, but not far from it) by an opponent, etc.
Also, I would expect to read somewhere that Kramnik has played his worst games against fellow Russians. Even if I don't think that there is a nation-based team spirit (Wesley So is openly joking about "team US"), the tournament format was supposed to prevent that, and on the contrary it made it possible !
I don't miss the laughable drama that sometimes plagues chess (Karpov-Korchnoi psychics, Topalov-Kramnik Toilet Gate), but bringing up some in-depth analyses and controversial issues is the journalists' job.

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