Annotating chess games

I tried to annotate my first chess game, and here is the result. It would be nice if I could recieve some feedback, both negative and positive, so that I can improve my chess thought process. Below is link to study-URL.

You annotated the game quite nicely, giving your ideas and plans. However, looking at this game I think you can improve by being more aggressive at some moments in the game. F.e. Bc2?! seemed inaccurate to me, striking the center with d4 seemed very natural.

Also there are some minor details in the annotation. You keep referring to a knight with the letter k, but knight is annotated with an N. This is to prevent confusion between king and knight. Also, not all the coordinates in your annotation are correct.

Anyway, some more practice will make you a very good annotator.

Good idea. I would prefer to write it down on paper, but, it works.

I really liked your annotation! do more! and follow me, i will follow you to being friends on Lichess, right?

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