About unethic players

Nowadays 99% of us play from smartphone.
Take a look at the last two moves. Its obvious that i wanted to take this guys rock, but my touchscren bugged and placed my queen right next to it. I asked for a takeback ASAP, and send him a message, explaining what happened. He declined. What is the point in winning a game like that? How could one feel pleasure in such action?

What is unethical is abandoning the game. Your opponent is not responsible for your incorrect moves, and is no obligation to accept a takeback (better still is to turn it off in options). Use move confirmation if this happens often. Don't be a jerk and abandon games just because you made a mistake.

Unfair is to impose your own defincencies on others.

I play on mobile devices as well but I take it as a man. Which happens once in a blue moon btw.

Whining in forums about integer people is unethical.

I guess the only unethical thing is to sign off when losing and thus leave the opponent waiting to get his win.

That and of course complaining (Wink wink) and leaving rude messages.

I never accept takebacks and never request for, whatever the circumstances.
By the way, I belong to the 1% NOT using smartphone...

I turn off this option. No takebacks, for me or to the opponent. It's not always clear if it was a mistake or a misclick, so I don't have to even think about it. If I misclick, I just keep going.

As pointed out already, leaving the game without resigning first is not ok. You being upset is not an excuse for this...

I do not ask or allow takebacks in rated game, but I'm ok if it's a friendly. Only if it happens rarely, of course

I believe in accepting takebacks when it's bleeding obvious that it's a misclick. If I win or lose by that it doesn't matter.

The problem is yours and the rating is your opponent's. Simple as that.

I usually let people take back their moves when its is obvious that the mistake was caused by some kind of mobile phone bug. For me, there is no pleasure in winning when it is based on someones misfortune.