About unethic players

OP has completion rate of only 87% and, looking through his games, has left at least two and , unforgivably, run 15 minutes off their clock when losing in a classical game. One for the block button imho.

oh, poor baby -- and calling the opponent unethical?

Umm, you're right, it would have been nice for him to accept the takeback, however, you leaving the game was worse. You could have just resigned, but instead, you left and now are whining.

Next time, either keep playing or just resign...

after seeing how you left the game afterwards i'm happy that your opponent didn't accept the takeback

What about battery dying or waiting for tournament to start and forgetting about it and missing the start of the first game(losing a few points I can handle).
What is the big deal if someone disconnects? A win is a win. Waiting gives you a good break - But I do not play longer than 5 minutes because of too many time shifters. Also I play because I like the game and not for ratings.

"Waiting gives you a good break"

So when you are shopping do you purposely go to the longest line so you can get a good break?

The rules of chess allow an opponent to use the whole allotment of time - pros take more time for one move than any of my 30 sec 1 min and 5 min games. Football allows you to run out the clock. Win is a win.