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  3. 2200 player not moving with only 1 move basically in 180+180 game

I'm having this game right now when I post it since, as I'm posting it I've been waiting for like 5 minutes for a basically 2200 to take my queen. I think when people see this it's going to be a bit too late, but I'd like to point it out anyways. move 24
Does anyone have any reasons for this?

whoops i posted this twice by mistake

Why are you playing 180+180? You've both gained over an hour lol

> Does anyone have any reasons for this?


"does anyone know why this guy decided to wait before he moved?"
I'm not sure what your asking but I can't see what happens behind their computer screen.

Maybe, your opponent is making dinner while playing... maybe, your opponent needed to take an important phone call... maybe, your opponent had to drop a duece...

A big duece

Definitely a duece.

Could be feeding the hens, expect everything and anything from a 180/180 game. 900% chance he's not going to sit behind the computer for that whole game

180+180 is way too much time for a single chess game. There is a good chance that one of the players would leave and forfeit the game. I am curious what's the longest, in terms of time spent, real time (not correspondence) and completed (not decided by either side leaving), rated (not casual) single game on lichess?

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