Self-composed mate in 4, not difficult guessing push pawn to promote to Queen and deliver mate on g8?

Nice thing. Wasted few minutes to understand how to block the check on f1, what a shame)
1. h6 (a6 Kg7-f8 and no mate right now) 1...f3
2.Ra1 f2
3.Rf1 f:g whatever you want

This reminded me of another directmate you shared months ago, so the solution was easier to find. When I asked what the Sg1 was for it became obvious. Nice.

Mmm, I think the original version is better. The Sg1 has multiple paths to f7, and I don't think the duals outweigh the second line.

I like the second one better, but indeed you should get rid of the dual.

I think there are other deficiencies like the key 1.h6 imprisons the black king which is considered bad.

So what...

This is far more elegant. Maybe you can condense further and make better use of the white king. As a bystander it can also be useful to prevent some move.