Self-composed mate in 4, not difficult

he's not path cause of the pawn, move rook and bring it to the 8's lane

I Like #9 better. Promotion to queen is too brutal to be esthetic.

Yeah, probably. But #9 taking on g3 has several duals. Here are no duals in both lines as far as I can see. Moreover, the queening line is the bonus side-line.

This is by far the more elegant. Now condensed to 8 men. The manoeuvre is less obvious without knowing the preceding tries. Maybe replace pawn a7 by Ba7. The doubled a-pawns and the b-pawn on its starting square implicate some c-pawn had to capture twice to get on the a-file. A bishop on a7 also makes possible other ideas starting with Bb8, which do not lead to #4, i.e. it makes the knight move less Obvious.

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