Sarg0n's fresh blitz games

Playing 1. e4 for 20 years I was switching to closed games. I find them more sustainable and more subtle. Starting 1. d4 & 2. c4 initially I found it better to insert an early 1. or 2. Nf3. Now experimenting with some Reti stuff, delaying d4 ad ultimo. :)

My pawn ate his pawn illegally - that’s why he probably resigned immediately! :D

Delaying castling against the Sämisch is a pet line of mine, inspired by old master GM Mihai Suba. So first Nc6, a6, Rb8 like the Modern Treatment, omitting or delaying 0-0.

1/0/0, went relatively smooth.

Some lines are just unplayable a tempo down, like the typical Nge2-c1-b3:

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