How likely is a game with 0 inaccuracies to be played by a U2000 human?

If you get into the game link you can see black did 0 inaccuracies, 0 mistakes and ofc 0 blunders with 11 avg centipawn loss

Doubt it’s a computer, I just scrolled thru some of the game real quick in about half a minute, and I saw black give up a pawn for no reason,, also black allowed you to get a big advantage with b:c6 crippling black pawns, but you didn’t take advantage, you also just gave black a free pawn, so it didn’t have that computer feel to me. Of course I can be miserably mistaken on everything I typed above, but just sayin...

Well, I agree 22. .. Kc6 and 25. .. Rh5 are not a human moves. Even a 35. .. b1 looks strange. Human have to play Rc4+. Weak play from white and strange from black. It's from my ~2200 mind. :)

I have seen 1200 players that can play engine perfect games from time to time. So no.. It's not impossible.

I am 1200-1400, and have at least a couple perfect or near perfect games, and I was as surprised by this as anyone.

I think in a 10 min game with no increment it likely he is cheating. But i cannot be sure. I have had perfect games in only 15 moves. But this is longer.

It is straightforward play by black. Anyway, use report and not a forum post if you think otherwise.