New feature: Puzzle Racer


Competitive Puzzle Storm is here, see you on the race-track!

Play Puzzle Racer here!

Recently we released Puzzle Storm, Lichess's timed puzzle feature and it was reasonably popular, with around 7.5 million completed runs since release, and that doesn't even count all the early restarts! Now, we're pleased to announce a follow-up feature, competitive Puzzle Storm: Puzzle Racer! Click the link to play against a random selection of other users in the lobby, or send a custom link to your friends and face off on the race-track in groups of up to 10.

An example race.
The exact scoring rules are slightly different from Puzzle Storm and you can read the exact details on the documentation page, along with some FAQ answers also copied below:

Is it like

Yes, exactly. The idea translated perfectly to solving chess puzzles. Puzzle Racer is a mix of Puzzle Storm and

Is it free to play it?

Yes. And we mean it. It's free for everyone forever, and it's unlimited. And there are no ads - as usual.

Is there a leaderboard?

No. At least not at the moment. Where there is a leaderboard, there is cheating. We don't think moderating this is a good use of our resources currently.

Does it change my puzzle rating?

No. Puzzle Racer is unrated.

Will people memorize the puzzles?

We have more than a million puzzles, so it should be very rare to see a puzzle more than once. The puzzle set is renewed every 6 seconds.

Are there bots?

No. But since people can play without creating an account, there are anonymous players. These get a random name for the race.