Lichess Game of the Month: March 24

Lichess Game of the Month: March 24

Aggressive English/Reti system with 6.g4!?

The English Opening (1.c4) is considered to be a flexible and strategical chess opening. Whether you like to play c4 in your first moves as White as well or whether you need to check it as Black, this blog post is for you.

By April 5th, several of your best games of March were shared via our forum post.

Our team went on and carefully checked all suggested games and found that the game of @bayamin was outstanding and also a practical use for all readers. Congrats!

The Turkish chess trainer and FM Nazmi Can Doğan alias @NaSil had a deeper look into the brilliant game and commented a lot for you to learn from, check it out (also check the other study chapters!):

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