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IM wannabe2700

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Wuhuuu 2600 blitz. Everyone is a loser at the end. You might be rich and famous, but you will be coughing up blood when the fat lady is singing. But don't panic, here you can hope for a draw.

Member since 01-Oct-2017


Game completion rate: 97%

Time spent playing: 12 days, 1 hour and 42 minutes

Time on TV: 2 days, 2 hours and 3 minutes

1 win
Played 1 Blitz game26193

2 wins
Played 2 Blitz games26168
1 win
Played 1 Classical game22477

5 wins
Played 5 Blitz games260833

7 wins1 draw1 loss
Played 9 Blitz games257531
Gained 2 new followers

3 wins
Played 3 Blitz games254412

4 wins1 loss
Played 5 Blitz games25326
Gained 1 new follower

2 wins1 loss
Played 3 Blitz games25385