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Lichess team for all chess & variant players. Participating in Lichess Bundesliga every Thursday and Sunday, other battles are always welcome - especially variant ones!

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The House Discord Server – a chat platform for chess and variants. A great place to discuss chess, learn a new variant or deepen your knowledge on your favourite variants! We're proud to have some of the best and most active variant players of lichess in the server:

Crazyhouse: Jasugi99, opperwezen, catask, gsvc, TheFinnisher
Antichess: PepsiNGaming, arimakat, ODMWND, Kex09
Atomic: tipau, vlad_00, Wolfram_EP, Hysterix, Illion, ijh, Opabinia
Three-Check: VariantsOnly, two64brocc, TCF_Namelecc, BughouseKnight
Racing Kings: RoyalManiac, Holstentor, iblunderAlot124, sachmaty8
Horde: Stubenfisch, Sinamon73, lecw, wasilix, PhilippeSaner



FRC Daily 1+0, 4h Team Battle1+0 • Chess960 • Rated • 4h200 teams battle
Prize King of the Hill Team Battle3+0 • King of the Hill • Rated • 12h30 teams battle
Prize Crazyhouse Team Battle3+0 • Crazyhouse • Rated • 12h29 teams battle
Prize Racing Kings Team Battle3+0 • Racing Kings • Rated • 12h29 teams battle
Prize Horde Team Battle3+0 • Horde • Rated • 12h29 teams battle


спонсоры LichessTimaLee •

Давайте мы поддержим игроков Lichess.

Yearly rapid arenaAvyuktSrinivasan •

I've joined it

Yearly rapid arenaMukilsuresh •

Hi all! hope you are having a nice 2022! I just want to tell you that we have a Yearly rapid arena! This is an special one. If you have any doubts, ask me

Year of 2021PepsiNGaming •

the variant WCs were my personal fav, horde wc zh wc were my favorites

Year of 2021iblunderAlot124 •

Having 2 new champions in the racings kings wc and horde wc. Congrats again to @cybershredder for winning rk and @sinamon73 for winning horde!!

Year of 2021MadNutella •

Farming timelys<3

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