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I am Doug and I like anime. I live in an RV in Montenegro. I am also a proud Nerdfighter. DFTBA! Go Army Beat Navy #3Peat #COYD

1 win1 draw3 losses
Played 5 Bullet games13983
Played 43 moves in 2 correspondence game(s)
Completed 2 correspondence games1 win1 draw
Competed in 1 tournament
Ranked #70 (top 67%) with 2 games in U2000 Bullet Arena

2 wins4 losses
Played 6 Antichess games17976
4 wins
Played 4 Bullet games140147
1 win1 draw
Played 2 Atomic games

10 wins10 losses
Solved 20 tactical puzzles15003
2 losses
Played 2 Antichess games18037
Competed in 1 tournament
Ranked #26 (top 72%) with 2 games in Dubois Arena

7 wins3 losses
Played 10 Bullet games13549
2 wins2 draws
Played 4 Atomic games
1 loss
Played 1 Blitz game

1 win2 draws1 loss
Played 4 Antichess games181019
Competed in 1 tournament
Ranked #15 (top 53%) with 3 games in Kcehcyap-Senwot Arena

3 losses
Played 3 Antichess games179133

2 losses
Played 2 Antichess games182415
1 win
Played 1 Bullet game136311