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The Antichess Club TEAM

The goal of The Antichess Club is to gather players with different game play, in order to have the best understanding of this game.
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  1. Antichess World Championship open for registration ProgramFOX

    If you're interested in playing the Antichess WC, join this team: and reply "I'm in" to this forum post:

  2. Revolution ogdougiec

    yo who's hype for the revolution! like 30 hours from now!

  3. Shared accounts Playitsmart playitsmart

  4. broswable version of 1.e3 finlip

    Does this link work?

  5. Antichess Tactics Course Frestho

    I made a study that covers basic and advanced tactics in antichess. It includes a wide range of tactic difficulties, so it should help anyone <1800 or 1900. ^

  6. antichess ImADirtyFlagger

    Sure what would you like to know?

  7. antichess fire7

    can someone help me in antichess?

  8. hi! youarecheckmate

    i know, just asking, not forcing, please follow me i will follow you, too

  9. hi! ProgramFOX

    Followers come and followers go. In the end, nobody is obliged to follow someone.

  10. hi! youarecheckmate

    hi, florentin1971, I write you in this chat, because you do not accept messages Why have you stopped following me? Did I anything wrong? I follow you! When you have invited me to tournamnets I always

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