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People who aren't supposed to be playing Lichess right now TEAM

Team for people who are using their school computers to play Lichess instead of doing homework or schoolwork.
Location: Earth

Forum (56)

  1. LOL kurohaze

    me too

  2. LOL poppermanbro

    This is legit what i do all the time

  3. OLD BEE SMARTduckduckcow


  4. Hi. GoldenPrince


  5. Hi. vkrish

    Hi. (Everyone say "Hi.").

  6. school is too controling goplaycheckers

    That's true. Fortunately, I was able to make a science fair project that included chess, which allowed me to play over 500 games. Best of all, all the statistics were run by the website. I hope I pass

  7. school is too controling chezzplaya221

    I don't know why schools have to block a site such as this one but it helps the brain grow in more ways than one.

  8. Fruck my teachers RandomBean

    #8 Parent's goals I told my parents to let me study in home as Mexican schools really suck but they were scared my social skills would disappear. I have been a year laughing at how stupid my tea

  9. Fruck my teachers Neverness

    I'll homeschool my children – no doubt about it! I really hated every second at school – and this has, believe it or not, very little do in me being educated in a Catholic school.

  10. Fruck my teachers rise_UIED

    You are kinda arguing with the wrong person here ... --- I'm gonna be a fully certified school teacher in less than 2 yrs. now, teaching adolescent brats how the past progressive tense in English wor

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