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BOT LeelaChess

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Leela Chess

Leela Chess Zero playing full strength. I play Ultrabullet, Bullet, Blitz and Rapid. Send me a challenge and wait for your turn! (Bullet and Ultrabullet will be enabled once we have a fix for the timeouts) If you are titled and want a longer matchup, please DM me. Donations:

Member since 14-Apr-2018


Time spent playing: 64 days, 5 hours and 44 minutes

Time on TV: 53 days, 23 hours and 6 minutes

Chess Insights Analytics from LeelaChess's games

14 wins
Played 14 Blitz games
12 wins
Played 12 Rapid games24922
9 wins
Played 9 Bullet games25588
Gained 2 new followers

125 wins
Played 125 Bullet games2550118
21 wins1 draw
Played 22 Rapid games24901
21 wins
Played 21 Blitz games27674
4 wins1 loss
Played 5 UltraBullet games243335

84 wins3 losses
Played 87 UltraBullet games246893
58 wins
Played 58 Bullet games2432137
56 wins
Played 56 Blitz games276314
43 wins1 loss
Played 44 Rapid games248918

67 wins1 draw
Played 68 Blitz games27492
44 wins
Played 44 Bullet games229524
33 wins
Played 33 Rapid games247116
15 wins1 loss
Played 16 UltraBullet games237527

58 wins
Played 58 Blitz games274728
21 wins5 draws2 losses
Played 28 Rapid games245524
23 wins
Played 23 Bullet games22716
13 wins4 losses
Played 17 UltraBullet games240237

59 wins1 draw
Played 60 Blitz games271917
58 wins
Played 58 Bullet games226533
29 wins2 draws
Played 31 Rapid games247945
15 wins
Played 15 UltraBullet games243948

104 wins1 draw12 losses
Played 117 Bullet games2232276
85 wins1 draw
Played 86 Blitz games273627
36 wins1 loss
Played 37 Rapid games252455
9 wins1 loss
Played 10 UltraBullet games239149