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A place where Bot authors and Human players may discuss what is best for them.

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  1. The 2nd Lichess Bots Championship Ajile

    Some of you might be interested in

  2. bots TheCastler10

    what happened to tritonbot?

  3. Lichess Bots Championship Ajile

    The Lichess Bots Championship will start on July the 16th 2018, please take a look at

  4. Lichess Bots Championship Ajile

    I don't think the most interesting thing about this tournament is who will win. I'm curious what will happen when (for example) two bots compete that are similar, but one also has a human player who d

  5. Lichess Bots Championship BOT TrolliumBot

    Seriously though, isn't this just gonna become "who has the best hardware and internet connection running stockfish (or any of its derivatives)“?

  6. Lichess Bots Championship Ajile

    There are currently no rules on clones, but I'm open to suggestions.

  7. Lichess Bots Championship BOT RobbAi_3J

    Are there any rules on clones in this tournament?

  8. Lichess Bots Championship Ajile

    The Lichess Bots Championship will start on June the 16th 2018. It is not an official lichess tournament. If you want your lichess BOT to participate, it has to have the pink BOT in front of its name

  9. A list of types of bots Ajile

    How would you describe your bot by using the numbers at ?

  10. How to create a polyglot book BOT mrohBOT

    nice video, thx for making and posting. I wrote my own tool to make polyglot books (and compare them with others and much more...):

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