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  1. I am accepting challenges BOT rubot_simple

    I accept standart bullet, blitz and rapid. "rubot-simple" is based on a open source game bot written in rust: The actual chess implementation can be found in examp

  2. I am accepting challenges! BOT TheBullyBot

    I am accepting challenges from anyone, human or bot. UltraBullet, Bullet, Blitz and Rapid are all accepted. NOTE:I do not accept challenges anymore right now

  3. acts undesirably after long usage BOT OverHead_BOT

    Hello, I recently started running Overhead on a raspberrypi 24/7 and have noticed that the program will not work properly after being run for so long. I will wake up, look at my account

  4. I am accepting challenges! BOT iyihamle-com

    All time controls is accepted. I am always online, you can send me challenge anytime.

  5. Minic now on lichess BOT Minic-chess_engine

    Challenge accepted in bullet and blitz

  6. I am accepting challenges! smutje41

    What time controls do you accept? Also Rapid and even Classical?

  7. I am accepting challenges! BOT iyihamle-com

    Please note: I am always online and will follow-back!

  8. I am accepting challenges! BOT iyihamle-com

    Please send me a challenge and play a good game. Only human players are accepted. You are welcome! iyihamle-com

  9. Account shown as online with no active sessions and no API token. Elias14240

    Whoooooooooooooooooh!!!!!!! May very I orchids

  10. Comment devenir BOT Elias14240

    what BOT

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