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Bots and bot makers welcome.

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  1. Takebacks for bots BOT LeelaChess

    @losingbot If that gets any traction, let me know and I will update lichess-bot repo to support take backs

  2. Takebacks for bots BOT losingbot

    Filed an issue here:

  3. Takebacks for bots gbtami

    Seems you are right and there is no API to handle takeback with BOT :( You can try to file an issue at

  4. Takebacks for bots BOT losingbot

    I tried that as well. I was able to receive the "Takeback sent" message but I still don't know how to accept the takeback if it's possible. Replying with "Takeback accepted" in the chat didn't work.

  5. Takebacks for bots gbtami

    I think you should handle "Takeback sent" player chat messages in your lichess-bot at

  6. Takebacks for bots BOT losingbot

    I enabled takebacks in the preferences (under 'game behavior') but it doesn't change anything. I think the setting just enables the bot's opponent to request takebacks, the bot still doesn't accept th

  7. Takebacks for bots gbtami

    Yo can use the BOT preferences to enable accept takebacks IIRC.

  8. Takebacks for bots BOT losingbot

    Is it possible for bots to accept takebacks? I haven't seen it in the API documentation but I think I saw it in a bot game once.

  9. Chat TheCastler10

    it's closed

  10. Chat gbtami

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