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  1. новая команда Yriks0901 входите в команду

  2. why are all bots lagging on lichess now? BOT UCIbot

    on a 'normal day' a move overhead setting of 500ms seems to do fine, yet there are days where my bot is flagging with that way to easily - and actually no crazy amount of move overhead setting will re

  3. Online variant polyglot book editor lishadowapps

    Visit: - go to the "Drive" tab, press "Create file", then type "standard.bin" and press Ok - wait for the file to appear in the drive folder and press the "Edit" b

  4. Latency issues BOT pleomati1

    try this

  5. why are all bots lagging on lichess now? BOT pleomati1

    try increase move overhead to 500 in configuration file or by uci option in engine config.This move overhead from lichess bot can be specified to stockfish and if you load different engine then it don

  6. why are all bots lagging on lichess now? BOT allvariants

    i played against garbobot stockfish 8 and flaming dragon9000.they all seemed to have slowed down.

  7. Latency issues BOT RoyalLeela

    Yeah it's a shame. I even set up my bot last night for a while on AWS in London which has 4ms ping to Lichess but somehow still times out and loses a few hundred ms per move off my clock in late game,

  8. Latency issues gbtami

    @RoyalLeela see Thibault answers in

  9. Latency issues henryliu2009

    same with me

  10. Latency issues BOT RoyalLeela

    I'm noticing if I try to play ultrabullet, I'm losing about 200ms-300ms per move even if my bot is playing instantly. The ping from command line says 120ms to the server. Does this seem reasonable? Th

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