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Lichess Game of the Month: January 2024Lichess

Lichess Game of the Month: January 24


Lichess Broadcast Updates


NEW Quarterly 12-hour Crazyhouse Marathons

Are you a chess teacher? You can use Lichess Class to create accounts, monitor progress, post homework, and message your students - all from a single hub!

Our Game of the Month February Contest is underway: Share your best Lichess standard game played in February 2024 until March 5th! The winner will be announced one week after the deadline, followed by a blog post with commentary on the game.

The new FIDE rating regulations announced in January are now in effect: Most notably, players rated below 2000 had their ratings increased by 40% of the difference between their old rating and 2000, and the rating floor was raised from 1000 to 1400.

Follow more super GM action until 7 March in the 8-player round-robin Shenzhen Longgang Chess Masters 2024 with world number five Anish Giri, Arjun Erigaisi and Daniil Dubov.

Based on your feedback following the loss of chess24 as a platform to watch live chess events, our team has been working on major changes to Lichess broadcasts. We have summarised the changes in our Broadcast Updates blog!

Round 1 of this year's Prague Chess Festival has started, featuring super GMs such as Praggnanandhaa, Abdusattorov and Keymer in the Masters and GMs Korobov, l’Ami and Mishra among others in the Challengers section. The festival runs until 7 March.

The FIDE World Corporate Chess Championship 2024 online qualifiers and knockout stages will be played on Lichess between March 16 and April 20. The top 8 teams will advance to the finals held in New York City from June 15 to 17. Corporations wishing to register their team can do so now.