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7th Sharjah Masters: Daneshvar Wins on Tiebreaks

Vaishali, Tan Zhongyi, and Divya Deshmukh collageOnTheQueenside

New Top 25 Women's Rankings: Vaishali to No. 5!

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The Axiom System - Part 4: Justification in Chess

Congratulations to GM Daniel Naroditsky for winning the Titled Arena May 2024, just 2 points ahead of runner-up GM Ediz Gürel, who was on a 6-game winning streak! 3rd place went to GM Matthias Blübaum.

This month's 1+0 Warm-up Arena starts in just 2 hours! You'll have the chance again to play against some of the titled players before they enter the Titled Arena!

The Sharjah Masters was our first stream with live player camera feeds! Many thanks to our stream host Irene Sukandar, @TotalNoob69 for developing a necessary browser extension tool on short notice and to the whole team who made this stream possible!

GM Bardiya Daneshvar is the close winner of the Sharjah Masters on tiebreak criteria - tied with GMs Volodar Murzin, Sam Shankland and Shamsiddin Vokhidov. Congratulations to our successful Lichess online qualifier IM Mahdi Gholami Orimi for achieving his final GM norm and a live rating of 2500!

Watch the final round of the Sharjah Masters now on YouTube and Twitch, hosted by IM Irene Sukandar! GMs Bardiya Daneshvar, Volodar Murzin and Sam Shankland share the lead and 7 other players, including top seeded GMs Arjun Erigaisi and Parham Maghsoodloo, are still in contention for 1st place.

With just two rounds to play, GMs Bardiya Daneshvar and Sam Shankland have taken the joint lead in the Sharjah Masters and face each other today in Round 8! Watch with us now on YouTube and Twitch, hosted by IM Irene Sukandar.

GM Aravindh Chithambaram still leads the Sharjah Masters. In Round 7 we see games between GMs Hans Moke Niemann and Sam Shankland, Arjun Erigaisi and Parham Maghsoodloo, Salem Saleh and Yu Yangyi and more. Join us now on YouTube and Twitch, hosted by IM Irene Sukandar, with cameras on top boards!