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Candidates Round 7: Nepomniachtchi, Tan Lead Halfway Through

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Lichess Arena Rankings

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Our March 2024 Standard and Variants databases are available for download: Over 6 million rated King of the Hill games have now been played on Lichess!

Join us now on YouTube and Twitch for Round 7 of the 2024 Candidates with our hosts Eric Rosen, Irene Sukandar and Laura Unuk!

Two decisive results in the Open Candidates and all decisive games in the Women's Candidates: We have summarised the action in our Round 6 recap blog.

Watch Round 6 of the 2024 Candidates now with us and our hosts IM Irene Sukandar and IM Laura Unuk on YouTube and Twitch! Among others, Nepomniachtchi faces Caruana, Gukesh plays against Nakamura and the sole women's section leader Tan takes on Muzychuk.

Gukesh D, who is now tied for 1st place with Ian Nepomniachtchi, and Hikaru Nakamura won their games in Round 5 of the 2024 Candidates, while all 4 games in the Women's Candidates were drawn. Read our recap of Round 5 with annotations from GM Brandon Jacobson and IM / WGM Padmini Rout.

The first rest day is over: Join us and our hosts IM Irene Sukandar and IM Laura Unuk for Round 5 of the 2024 Candidates and Women's Candidates now on YouTube and Twitch!

On the first rest day, Ian Nepomniachtchi and Tan Zhongyi are the sole leaders of the 2024 Candidates and Women's Candidates respectively. Find out what happened in Round 4 in our recap blog.