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  1. My weirdest game so far... Arnolio13 Easy checkmate
  2. Anybody wants to play blitz wi… conisins First to reach 3 will win. It is just for fun and unrated :)
  3. How to make look lik… Informatiko Thanks. I'm going to change the CSS with Stylus.
  4. My weirdest game so far... Informatiko Gegers is a banana
  5. Link limit reached. andrewb006 What? this is VERY weird
  6. Link limit reached. jamesB009 I can’t post links? What is the limit? It says “daily link limit reac…
  7. Always play f6 WinOr10PushUps @Akbar2thegreat I know that is the joke I know both very well, you …
  8. Set of students for chess less… NM LEGENYA199898 MrPushwood I mean, what are you talking about?)
  9. My weirdest game so far... thoughtless2 Hey @YALturKManI , two pieces are generally stronger than a rook, so i…
  10. Always play f6 PurePremiumPenguin Actually, never play f6