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  1. Threefold repetition - BUG CM Sarg0n After move 40, 42, 44 itโ€˜s the same position. Man, is it so hard tโ€ฆ
  2. What are the most common type โ€ฆ QUATZI I look at the board for 10 minutes or more, make my move and at that mโ€ฆ
  3. Level of play according to theโ€ฆ CM Sarg0n @LudoBlitz said in #1: > Is there a site somewhere that compares the โ€ฆ
  4. Unable to move the Pieces on lโ€ฆ botezgambiit I can't move left half of my pieces. As white I can't move any piecesโ€ฆ
  5. Level of play according to theโ€ฆ LudoBlitz oui mais, je ne sais pas pour lichess blitz, it's like giving your opiโ€ฆ
  6. Road to 10k ultrabullet games rarechessmoves I played 29 Classical games in just 2 days. + 10 Correspondence Gamesโ€ฆ
  7. Threefold repetition - BUG Arsenium86 In my last game the game ended in a draw on 'Threefold repetition' rulโ€ฆ
  8. Customizable Arrow Colors BrainAFK Why only green Arrows & Circles on right click? Why only red Arrows &โ€ฆ
  9. Road to 10k ultrabullet games Arckai @risky-chess said in #2: > 10k Classical games would be better and moโ€ฆ
  10. Road to 10k ultrabullet games rarechessmoves @risky-chess I agree. Because I don't play Bullet, UltraBullet, or โ€ฆ

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