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This team is for every player who would like to play in a Mutual Zerk tournament. This is a 1/4+0 tourney in which every player must zerk every game. We Want 1/8+0!

Most points: Held by @|-____-|, 289

2nd Most points: Held by @thetacticbot (closed), 262
3rd Most points: Held by @Berserkforitsownsake, 253

Longest Streak: Held by @Thetacticbot1234 (closed), 48 games

Winner of last casual tournament: @theUnbeatableGOD
Winner of last rated tournament: @trxps

Congrats to @PolskieSzachy1 for winning our first 1/8+0 tourney with 104 points.

@LukeChessMaster also came away with the win of our second tourney , with a 12 game winning streak, and netted a total of 75 points.
@KillaWolf (closed) won the next tournament, finishing with an amazing 173 points, and along the way, getting an 18 game winning streak!

I(@ChessmathNerd) , Finally won the next one, with a comparatively pitiful 93 point finish.

@BraveHorsey won the next one, breaking the point record with a total of 176. There was a stiff fight for third, and @lukechessmaster came away with it. The 2nd place was @Killawolf (closed), who despite performing less than in a previous tournament, still played very well.

Next up, @UhbadazinglyFrozen won his first tournament, with a 1908 performance rating!
@KillaWolf (closed) , true to his reputation from previous tournaments, had the most amazing performance yet, winning the next tournament by a 2 to 1 margin, and finishing with 217 points!

After a break, we are back with daily tournies again!
Location: Lichess


Mutual zerk casual Arena¼+0 • UltraBullet • Casual • 1hInner team
Mutual Zerk Casual Arena¼+0 • UltraBullet • Casual • 1hInner team
Mutual Zerk Party Arena¼+0 • UltraBullet • Casual • 1hInner team
Ultimate UltraBullet Team Battle¼+0 • UltraBullet • Rated • 1h5 teams battle
Mutual Zerk Party Arena¼+0 • UltraBullet • Casual • 1hInner team


Accidentally declined someoneThe_Daethalus •

Sorry, I didn't specify. I meant that I accidentally declined them from joining the team :(

Accidentally declined someoneThe_Daethalus •

I'm really sorry, whoever that was! I didn't catch the name before I misclicked the decline! So sorry :(

Remembering CalbTheLegendaryArun32 •

I'm full respect of that . He just said in his profile : "I’m back part time. But not full time yet. Hopefully in a month or so."

Remembering CalbTCF_Namelecc •

Leave the man alone. He wants some alone time to sort out his problems. Respect that.

Remembering CalbTheLegendaryArun32 •

in 1 month he come in his account.Pls @Calbernandhowbe 🙏

Remembering CalbMinkado •

he said that he might come back though, I hope he will.

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