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Lance5500 Fan Club TEAM

Fans of Lance5500 (6-times Lichess Marathon Winner).
Only players with established ratings.

Coach profile:
Vk: &

My best lichess results:

Champion: 6х Marathon, 1x Yearly, 14x Monthly, 1x ChessWhiz Cup, 1x Elite, 16x Weekly & 27x Daily. Vice Winner: 2х Marathon, 4x Yearly, 9x Monthly, 1x Pursuit of Brilliance, 1x CW Cup, 5x Elite, 4x Weekly & 17x Daily. Bronze Medalist: 2x Yearly & 4x Bitchess.

Noticeable twitter posts:

Bongcloud achievements: p/N/B/R/Q/K BongCloud Winner p N B R Q K

Some of my other teams:

Tournament points:

CLTP 1000-4999
ALTP 5000-9999
PLTP 10000+


TLTP Regular top1/10/50/100 trophies
ELTP All kinds of trophies besides the regular ones

Goodluck to all of my fans for getting a large tournament score & the regular and elite trophies!

108 tournament points per 20 minutes!

Location: Worldwide

Forum (103)

  1. Simuls are over? Water_Flame

    Yeah, hopefully he'll host them again soon.

  2. Simuls are over? Francesco_Super

    @BacR_KoHb Me too! :) Probably he's busy and can't host simuls at the moment

  3. Simuls are over? BacR_KoHb

    What a pity, I really enjoyed playing simuls with Lance =(

  4. Сеанс Aleksandr_Kalugjn хочу сыграть сеанс с 30 людьми))))) рейтинг не больше 2000

  5. Сеанс Aleksandr_Kalugjn ПРИСОЕДИНЯЙТЕСЬ

  6. titles youarecheckmate

    i dont ask for myself of caurse but how works getting titles for example LM on lichess if someone knows plz use the private chat

  7. Сеанс Aleksandr_Kalugjn присоединяйтесь

  8. team Sittingbull98

    Please join my team

  9. Сеанс Aleksandr_Kalugjn ПРИСОЕДИНЯЙТЕСЬ К СЕАНСУ)))

  10. Club Lichess Tournament Players (CLTP) Jacob531

    Working on it.

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