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IM Sparklehorse TEAM

International Master William Paschall's Team

Stream Schedule:
Week days - Viewers' challenges:
From 10:00 GMT+1(CET) to 12:30 GMT+1 or 4:00 am to 8:30 am Eastern Time (USA)

Sunday - Simul with viewers:
From 17:45 GMT +1(CET) or 11:45 am Eastern Time (USA)

***** Chess Lessons series: *****

Twitch :

For discussion and updates please click on :

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Please join this Team if you are his fan.

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  1. Stream Update!! jcsil86

    This week, the Sladgie/Sparklehorse Fast Friday stream will be Jan 18th, 2019 at 3:30 pm EST. 5+3 Casual Open Challenges!

  2. Next stream Tuesday Rapdi Arena 4:30 pm ET ! IM Sparklehorse

    Tuesday rapid arena on Twitch and lichess at 4:30 pm ET !

  3. Next stream Tuesday Rapdi Arena 4:30 pm ET ! IM Sparklehorse

    Dear Sladgie subscribers and friends ! My next Twitch stream will be Tuesday ! Had to cancel Sunday simul for emergency :( See you for Rapid tournament !

  4. Sunday 1/6/19 simul ! time moved up to 5:30 pm ET IM Sparklehorse

    Dear Sparklehorses and Sladgie fans, Due to personal responsibilities I'm gonna move my weekly simul from 4:30 to 5:30 pm ET tonight !! Please don't miss it ! If you are in Europe have an

  5. Schedule Update Acerb8

    good, good having withdrawals...

  6. Schedule Update IM Sparklehorse

    All systems go for Thursday subscriber stream ! 4:30 pm ET Thursday on and Twitch Will

  7. Schedule Update IM Sparklehorse

    Next stream moved back to Thursday subscriber game analysis ! 4:30 pm ET Thursday on

  8. Schedule Update Acerb8

    yes happy holidays it is my hopes the new year bring you all the joys and prosperity a new year can

  9. Schedule Update chesstosterone

    Merry x-mas guys

  10. Schedule Update IM Sparklehorse

    Next stream Wednesday Dec. 26th unusual openings in Blitz and Rapid on lichess 12:30 pm ET ! Will

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