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From 17:45 GMT +1(CET) or 11:45 am Eastern Time (USA)

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FC Lance5500 and Streamers Team Battle5+0 • Blitz • Rated • 6h10 teams battle
Grover Cleveland Team Battle5+0 • Blitz • Rated • 45m10 teams battle
AnimalBeast Team Battle15+15 • Classical • Rated • 5h9 teams battle


If you're looking for the Pawnda and Horses Club for Tuesday tournaments, it's here:MisterCoffee •

bishop gamingodoaker2015 •

Recently an online friend of mine has founded a Team called Bishop Gaming. He needs new members. Please join his team. Thank you all in advance! Here the link:

Perenyi Memorial 2020IM Sparklehorse •

Assembly line :) You get the point.

Perenyi Memorial 2020IM Sparklehorse •

Round 5 was a reasonable win. Now I was paired with my good friend and warhorse IM Szalanczi who is dangerous despite his dubious 2080 ELO rating. I have White and with being 1/2 point behind leaders

Perenyi Memorial 2020SomewhatUnsound •

I love the notation on some of the games -- very informative. Thanks for sharing, please share the last set!

Perenyi Memorial 2020JeroenKK •

Will, i can imagine that tempo is hard ….. I play competition games with 75 minutes + 30 seconds/move …. even this is still too fast for me …. Dont we want ajourned games back ? (and an ashtray beside

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