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253 members

IM Sparklehorse TEAM

International Master William Paschall's Team

Stream Schedule:
Week days - Viewers' challenges:
From 10:00 GMT+1(CET) to 12:30 GMT+1 or 4:00 am to 8:30 am Eastern Time (USA)

Sunday - Simul with viewers:
From 17:45 GMT +1(CET) or 11:45 am Eastern Time (USA)

***** Chess Lessons series: *****

Twitch :

For discussion and updates please click on :

*Next Simul*
Time zone converter:

Please join this Team if you are his fan.

Forum (327)

  1. New European Schedule from August 31st thru October 15th Carschi

    That are good news for me too. :)

  2. New European Schedule from August 31st thru October 15th TusharKamde

    perfect evening timings for me! Awesome content is back for me yaass I am so happy!

  3. New European Schedule from August 31st thru October 15th IM Sparklehorse

    I will be streaming M,W,F 10 am CEST blitz and rapid chess, Tuesday viewer tournaments at 6:30 pm CEST , Thursday subscriber stream at 6:30 CEST and Sunday simuls at 6:30 pm CEST ! Thanks , Will

  4. Discord is now Public TusharKamde

    Contact me if u wanna join in

  5. Discord is now Public jcsil86

    Hello! As Soultego said, you can contact me for help with joining the PubSladgie Discord!

  6. Discord is now Public Soultego

    PubSladgie Discord Channel is now public for all to join and have a good time !! Follow the link and say hello to the ever growing Sladgie friendly community! Discord is a website that creates a b

  7. Discord Channel TusharKamde

    I can also now send invites contact me as well if u like

  8. Discord Channel jcsil86

    You can contact me as well for the Discord link. jcsil86 on lichess and discord.

  9. Discord Channel IM Sparklehorse

    YAY !!

  10. Discord Channel Soultego

    Happy to announce the launch of Pub-Sladgie Discord Channel for all of the Subscribers and Regulars to the stream. This is a 24/7 Exclusive Channel to communicate, share games, news and more! Contact

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