Crazyhouse World Championship 2022 begins!

Hi everyone,

The draw for the double elimination knockout for the Crazyhouse World Championship 2022 is now available here:

Please find your Round 1 match and arrange a time to play with your opponent by Sunday 27th February.

The expectation is that all Round 1 matches should be completed by Sunday 6th March.

Agreed match times should be posted in this forum with date and time zone made clear.

The full tournament schedule will be released in the near future.

@mohi4 you don't accept messages on lichess but we need to arrange a crazyhouse match. Can you play 25th 19:00-00:00 or 26th or 27th February 09:00-22:00 UTC. Message me on lichess what times you can make?
I will be happy to take part, thank you!
@cFlour, if you cannot directly message your opponent, please suggest at least 3 suitable times which you can play in this forum. Please include the dates, times and your time zone and also include a reference to @znemelk so there is the opportunity for your opponent to respond here.
What is the time control? 3+2? Is there a post containing the rules/etc?
Feel the Mock and vlad-sensei have agreed to play Next weekend Saturday or Sunday dependent on the busy work and life obligations will post again once it's set in stone.
@karagialis doesn't accept new messages
I am always available at 10:30 UTC ( 16:00 IST ) and 16:30 UTC ( 22:00 IST ) all days (Wednesday is preferred day )
I have done my work

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