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Atomic960 Analysis TEAM

Please Read The Description Before Joining !

Atomic960 Starting Positions will be analyzed and discussed in
the team forum.
"It's not just comp evals" - FischyVischy

The idea for this team came from this forum thread:

There are still people saying that current Atomic Starting position (#518) is good, but we now have many 1800-1900's spamming Nf3 e3 and memorizing all winning lines. This made the top 50 and 100 thresholds drop down to 2150 and 2070, correspondingly. (This was before the Revolution)

So, we should switch to another stating position in which white can't win just by memorization.

Why not 960 but only one of those positions ?
Because there are 960 positions in 960 and there is no way to create theory. As many theoreticians say; the fun part about Atomic is the theory crafting.

Thank you for reading this. If you want to analyze and discuss 960 positions, feel free to join.
Location: Online

Forum (139)

  1. Testing 960 positions on Tengoku

    Works great thank you. Also: if anyone wants to play some atomic960 matches with me on the site, shoot me a PM and I'll be on there soon as I can.

  2. Testing 960 positions on ProgramFOX

    @Tengoku Done.

  3. Testing 960 positions on Tengoku

    Thank you, that'd be a huge help.

  4. Testing 960 positions on ProgramFOX

    @Tengoku Do you mean as a seek in the lobby, or at the game page? Lobby: if you specified numbers, you'll see them in the seek. If you didn't specify the numbers, it will just say "random" because

  5. Testing 960 positions on Tengoku

    Just before I try it out, does there happen to be a section on the side or somewhere (if you randomly generate the position) of what number of out 960 it is for reference? Like if we were playing posi

  6. Testing 960 positions on ProgramFOX

    Hey all supports choice of starting position now (both symmetrical and asymmetrical). You can test candidate positions here against other players.

  7. Status Updates on Tengoku

    Will be down from 3AM GMT Sunday April 8 to 6PM GMT Tuesday April 10. Sorry for any inconveniences.

  8. Tengoku's site to test out positions Tengoku

    Site will be down from Sunday the 8th to Tuesday the 10th. Switching computers and DNS needs to repropogate.

  9. Tengoku's site to test out positions Vycm

    Nice, I joined.

  10. Tengoku's site to test out positions savagechess2k This is actually a lichess clone, but the Atomic starting positions are randomised. We decided to (we decided, he made. to avoid confusion. I did not take part in the development.)

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