Atomic960 Analysis

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Atomic960 Starting Positions will be analyzed and discussed in
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"It's not just comp evals" - FischyVischy

The idea for this team came from this forum thread:

There are still people saying that current Atomic Starting position (#518) is good, but we now have many 1800-1900's spamming Nf3 e3 and memorizing all winning lines. This made the top 50 and 100 thresholds drop down to 2150 and 2070, correspondingly. (This was before the Revolution)

So, we should switch to another stating position in which white can't win just by memorization.

Why not 960 but only one of those positions ?
Because there are 960 positions in 960 and there is no way to create theory. As many theoreticians say; the fun part about Atomic is the theory crafting.

Thank you for reading this. If you want to analyze and discuss 960 positions, feel free to join.