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I am a 13 year old who loves chess.

Kolkata, India

Member since 12-Dec-2015


Game completion rate: 100%

Time spent playing: 16 days, 16 hours and 51 minutes

Time on TV: 2 days, 12 hours and 52 minutes

 • Atomic •  12 Monkeys  30 seconds + 0 time control  960 Tourney Team  ANAND'S FAN CLUB  Anarchist Chess Group  Antichess Akademy  Atheist  Atomic Chess  Atomic Chess Theoreticians  Basketball Lovers  Blitz,bullet ,crazyhouse and three check  BlitzStream  bullet-chess  Bullet Players Association (BPA)  CHEATER INVESTIGATION ASSOCIATION(CIA)  Chess Club Live  Chess players with age less than 15  Chess960  Chessbrah Fan Club  Chessbro Fan Club  Commentating moves while playing to improve your chess  Crazyhouse World Championship  Cyborg  EQUIPE BOLSONARO DE XADREZ  Friends of John Owen  Ghostqiuyu and friends  GRAND MASTER'S CLUB  मेरा भारत महान  IM AstanehChess Fan Club  IM penguinim1 fan club  IM Sparklehorse  INDIA - The Team / Group of Indian Chess Players  indian  indians tigers  Intermediate players study group  JannLee fan club  KING-BULLET fan club.  Kristo's Team Chess players  Lance5500 Fan Club  Lichess Championship  Lichess Changes  Lichess Chess School (LCS)  Lichess Olympiad  Lichess Ultrabullet Championship  Lichess World Championship Federation (LWCF)  Lichess4545 League  Lichess_Users  Low ping, hyperbullet, rematches.  Magnus Carlsen  Mikhail Tal  My streams and on YouTube!  Never give up!  ONLY MY MY  opperwezen opening ideas  People who aren't supposed to be playing Lichess right now  Private Tournaments  Racing Kings Chess Theoreticians  Racing Kings University  raise-that-rating-squad  Rondep Fan Club  Royal Indians  Saloon  Slow chess practice  Test team  That's Mathematics!!!!  The Art of Horde Chess  The Bullet Players  The Chess Room  The Classics  The Cool Team  Thibault fan club  Three-check or 3+  ULTRABULLETERS  VISWANATHAN ANAND CHESS TEAM  Weak Bullet players
Chess Insights Analytics from Thezombieman's games

1 loss
Played 1 Antichess game 186411

1 win
Played 1 Bullet game 21205

2 wins1 loss
Solved 3 tactical puzzles 17906
1 win1 loss
Played 2 Classical games 21191

2 wins2 losses
Solved 4 tactical puzzles 17848
8 wins8 losses
Played 16 Bullet games 211527
3 wins5 losses
Played 8 Classical games 212025

11 wins4 losses
Solved 15 tactical puzzles 177668
4 wins1 draw4 losses
Played 9 Bullet games 21425
1 loss
Played 1 Antichess game 18756