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WIM Fiona lichess streamer

WIM Fiona Steil-Antoni

A healthy mix of chess and nonsense.

Currently streaming:
Viewers' blitz tournament ¦

Hello everyone! My name is Fiona Steil-Antoni and I'm a WIM from Luxembourg. I started playing chess at the age of 9 and the highlight of my 'career' was an individual gold medal at the 2006 Turin Olympiad. In 2014 I started working on tournaments as a commentator and press officer, while October 2016 marks my Youtube/Twitch debut! :)
Have fun on my channel and hopefully you can learn a thing or two along the way too!
PS: If you want to get in touch, you can do so here or via my Facebook page.

Twitter: @fionchetta
2050 1978 2009 1961 1879 1706?

8 wins8 losses
Played 16 Bullet games 197828
8 wins2 draws3 losses
Played 13 Blitz games 205048
Competed in 2 tournaments
Ranked #15 (top 17%) with 10 games in WIM Fiona Arena
Ranked #26 (top 41%) with 14 games in WIM Fiona Arena
Hosted a live stream

14 wins6 draws5 losses
Played 25 Blitz games 200238
13 wins5 losses
Played 18 Bullet games 200663
Competed in 2 tournaments
Ranked #7 (top 5%) with 13 games in WIM Fiona Arena
Ranked #9 (top 12%) with 13 games in WIM Fiona Arena
Hosted a live stream

6 wins3 losses
Played 9 Blitz games 196424
Gained 3 new followers

3 wins2 draws10 losses
Played 15 Blitz games 1940170
9 wins6 losses
Played 15 Bullet games 194336
Competed in 2 tournaments
Ranked #9 (top 10%) with 15 games in WIM Fiona Arena
Ranked #32 (top 36%) with 14 games in WIM Fiona Arena
Hosted a live stream

1 loss
Played 1 Bullet game 190718
Gained 3 new followers

1 win
Played 1 King of the Hill game 194273
1 loss
Played 1 Three-check game 19619
Started following 1 player

Gained 4 new followers

27 wins20 losses
Played 47 UltraBullet games 17894
2 losses
Played 2 Bullet games 19254
1 win
Played 1 Atomic game 20097
Gained 6 new followers
Competed in 3 tournaments
Ranked #20 (top 12%) with 47 games in Daily UltraBullet Arena
Ranked #7 (top 43%) with 1 game in wsc Arena
Ranked #3 (top 75%) with 2 games in Malle Arena

Gained 1 new follower