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AlwaysDizzy lichess streamer


Breaking Personal Rating Records - The Neverending Grind


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I started playing chess again in late May 2018 after having not played in about 18 years!

My goals are to set personal new high ratings in each time control. I have gained 350 rating points in 10+0 over the past 3 months (from 1500 to 1850), and am amazed at my progress.

I analyze almost every single game I play once it's done until I find a notable mistake or improvement that could have been made.
1940 1833 1724 1942    -    -

Gained 1 new follower

13 wins
Played 13 Bullet games194241
1 loss
Played 1 Classical game17248
Competed in 1 tournament
Ranked #1 (top 20%) with 13 games in AlwaysDizzy Arena
Hosted a live stream

13 wins8 losses
Solved 21 tactical puzzles20401
2 losses
Played 2 Classical games173225
1 win
Played 1 Blitz game183311
Gained 2 new followers
Hosted a live stream

2 wins4 losses
Played 6 Classical games175722
1 win
Played 1 Bullet game190110
Hosted a live stream

4 losses
Played 4 Classical games177951
Hosted a live stream

4 wins2 losses
Solved 6 tactical puzzles204115
1 draw
Played 1 Classical game18301
Gained 1 new follower
Hosted a live stream

1 win1 draw
Played 2 Classical games18319

8 wins3 losses
Solved 11 tactical puzzles202637
2 losses
Played 2 Classical games182228
Hosted a live stream

13 wins9 losses
Solved 22 tactical puzzles19899
1 win
Played 1 Classical game18504
Gained 1 new follower
Hosted a live stream

1 win1 loss
Played 2 Classical games18461
Hosted a live stream