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Atomic Chess Rule Error or Bug?

Asked by harvey_dent
Tags atomic rules
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Can someone explain to me why white does not have to move his king after being checked in move 8?

This does not make sense, even in a variant. White must move the king or capture. I think this is an error or bug.
2 Answers
Answered by kreedz
Because the white have ability to explode your king. Even if white was checked, it does not matter in this case.
Answered by Hellball
Basically, there is no checkmate in atomic chess if your opponent can do the same back; you need to go all the way and capture (blow up) the King.

Quoting from the ruleset lichess implements ( ):

"5. Exploding the opponent's king takes priority over direct attacks. This means that in a position which would be checkmate (see below), or when directly attacked, but you can explode the opponent's king, this move wins the game, even if a direct attack is left on after the move (unlike chess where it is not possible to finish a move in check even if it mates the opponent). This is because the explosion of the king ends the game."

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