The House Discord: Introduction


Do you ever wish that there's a place to discuss chess variants, such as crazyhouse, atomic chess and antichess? Look no further, we are The House Discord Server – a chat platform for chess and variants.

On our server you can meet and connect with new people who share the love of chess variants with you. You’re welcome to posts your games, discuss opening theory, play against other members, challenge each other to matches, and much more.

We are going to share updates and stories from our server on a monthly basis in this team forum. Let’s dedicate this first post to a quick overview of our server.

Currently we have 500 members from all chess variants communities. At the moment, crazyhouse and bughouse channels are the most populated with members from all different sites, but we are encouraging communities from other variants to grow as well. Some famous crazyhouse players that have joined the server are LM @Jannlee, @Mugwort, @Vempele, and NM @littleplotkin. Some of our members are masters of every variant, like GM @Penguingm1, IM @MeneerMandje and IM @opperwezen. When it comes to Horde Chess, @Stubenfisch is our champion of the server.

In addition to lichess variants, we also play and discuss more obscure variants including Seirawan Chess and 4-player chess.

Interested? Join up here:

PS. If you are not familiar with Discord, no worries! We've made it as easy as possible for you to jump right in!

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