2023 RKWC Announcement & Registrations

Hello everyone,

As promised, we’re kicking off the fifth edition of the Racing Kings World Championship!

The 2023 Racing Kings WC has a match format being a best-of-10 series of 3+2 rated Racing Kings games. Participants will be assigned an opponent based on seeded ratings, and are expected to schedule and play their match before the end of a one-week round. This continues until the last 2 players, who play for the world title and rights to a unique trophy on their profile (as displayed on

The format is the same as last year:
- Single-elimination until 32 players
- Double-elimination until 4 players
- 4-player round robin
- 20-point final between the highest 2 players, round robin winner gets 2-0 lead

Before signing up, please read the rules carefully for all the details regarding match negotiations, tournament format, and to check if you’re eligible to participate according to the entry requirements.

You can find the rules here:
Registration is the same as last year by sending an intent to participate by private message to @RacingKings, or post in the forum below.
Tournament Directors for 2023 are @RoyalManiac, @QueenEatingDragon and @Natso. @FS-Schach will collect the scores. @seth_7777777 will post the match times and scores on the House Discord.

Registrations will be open from this moment on to June 25, 2023, 12:00 UTC.

We’ll leave this topic open for the duration of the registration period, for registrations, questions or just to create some hype.

...hype? :-)

It feels good to be back as TD again this year. Big thanks to Natso and FS-Schach for taking care of last year's RKWC!

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