League Suggestions

For the wildcards, I am ok with any number of them as long as this number is defined before the event and not changed during it, To cover the case of people joining late an idea could be to offer the wildcard after the qualification tournament (as in normal chess) so that everybody has to play the qualification.

For the time control, I agree with Flourish's metric but I think the time control should be the same for the qualification, candidates and final match, so I am against implementing 5 5 this year. Before switching to 5 5 we could try either 5 2 or 3 5 before, since it might be a big change going from 3 2 to 5 5.

Unrelated: Are the policies for stuff like no-show, late-show and takeback defined? I did not see rules about this

@gsvc I've been lax about late-show, but no-shows are now punished by yellow / red cards. Takebacks is another issue we can discuss; my take was that as long as the two players agree, anything goes, but I don't like takebacks myself and think they shouldn't be allowed.

Choosing a wildcard who promotes the game is one option (like Penguin or Yasser or Caruana). Choosing someone who deepens the game is another option (like JK or a previous Candidate who missed the tournament). Choosing someone regretfully knocked out is a third option (like Mugwort). This choice should be taken after the knockout and should be the choice of the organiser. Some might consider the third option unfair. The risk of the first or second option is the player might not be in form to take on the competition. A fourth idea of choosing a player from an unrepresented part of the world carries the same risk. It is of note though that no Candidate is from Africa or Asia for two years running now and with HC eliminated this may continue for some years more.

Whatever is decided about tc (and i like that it is longer this year) I'm not sure I like the idea of it changing mid tournament. Maybe a separate long tc event.

As a matter of urgent discussion

What should be done about Fumitoks' irrevocable withdrawal (I have tried for hours to convince him not to as has Mark and Jann but he is adamant).

1) Leave the spot vacant and have a 10 Candidate round robin.

2) Have an open 3+2 arena with berserking forbidden in which the top 2 face off in a 10 game match.

3) Refuse his right to withdraw insisting it is his by right although we cannot insist he plays his games.

He writes on discord "i'd like to ask you to respect my right to withdraw, and not discuss it with me any further"

Although option 2 was exciting last year I feel it is too late for that this year and kind of unnecessary. So while I would say option 3 under normal circumstances I am fairly certain that Fumi isn't budging on this. Ironically if option 2 were taken Fumi would be the favourite to reclaim his rightful place and then withdraw again. So I favour option 1 or option 3 and only option 1 if no Candidate objects.

I don't see why there should be a replacement. A 10-player round robin is long enough as it is.

I agree option 2 is out. Since there are objections I vote option 3.