League Suggestions

OK so we're still discussing 1) Candidates wild cards

a) Whether or not we should have Candidates wild cards at all

I) okei thinks there should be wild cards.
II) the-lone-wolf thinks there should be wild cards.
III) KyleLegion thinks there should be wild cards.
IV) Dieblauesau thinks there should be wild cards.

b) Number of wild cards

I) okei wants one wild card and a second if some legend wants to enter (Yasser etc.).
II) the-lone-wolf wants one wild card ONLY, preferably given to players who have done well in the previous Candidates tournament or to legends like Yasser (+no wild card to someone eliminated during the tournament).
III) KyleLegion doesn't mind whatever number of wild cards the organizer wants to include.
IV) Dieblauesau supports the-lone-wolf on all counts.

I would suggest a slower time control. Crazyhouse is actually much more complicated than chess. In addition to all the normal chess moves, you can place any one of pieces offboard in any square on the board (with exception of occupied squares and pawns on first or last rank). This adds a lot to the possible number of moves and therefore the complexity and time it takes to properly calculate. The fact is that the absolute quality of our games is very low compared to top level chess. When you analyze a game, look at how many blunders SF says even top level games have in them, especially when the position gets sharp and messy and time gets low. Serious chess games are decided with 3 hours or more per side so why are we deciding the world champion with 3 minutes? Why would we have the world champion decided by a thoughtless time scramble? The thing that makes us human is our ability to think, for many animals have faster reaction times and reflexes. 2 second increment is enough for the game to not degenerate into an absolute mouse race, but it is nowhere near enough for both sides to play at a high level consistently unless the game is very quiet and straightforward(usually one side having committed a grave error).

With all that said, I understand the limitations. Namely, the time involved, the fun factor for the players as well as observers, and the fact that it makes it easier for cheaters to cheat. With that said, like in the NBA, where they had a 7 game series for the Finals vs a 5 game series for first round, maybe we can reserve the longest time control for the candidates tournament and final. And while classical chess time controls might be a bit much, maybe at least something longer than 3 2. JL has frequently played 5 5 for example when playing 960. I think the longer the better. And we could have players play on camera in the final stages as well to discourage cheating.

talking about the candidates what about that the number 1 in the candidates also get a 960match with jannlee? with more time only less than 60games

@JKtheBullfrog I have always been in favor of a classical zh WC, but no one was on board. In fact, I even offered to increase the prize fund of the 1st CWC should the TC become 15 + 0 or 40 + 0, but not many people were on board (oh yes, but I'm the elitist...what was the TC of the 1st CWC and the 2nd CWC again?).

@opperwezen Maybe. I'm up for it.

Let's try not to get distracted with too many topics, though.

We will one day discuss other suggestions that come to mind that people add ... the tc is a good one as well as 960.

The choice of wildcard(s) is not by consensus but at discretion of the organiser. Are there other suggestions for how a wildcard might be chosen? One idea is 2nd place in the Candidates being offered a wildcard.

i play with Littleplotkin today so its to short day to change the timecontrol i think all the games need to be played with the same time ofcourse

@okei Yeah I don't like voting on WHO will be the wild card - sounds like a popularity contest to me.

Hmm wouldn't 2nd place from Candidates = wild card kind of defeat the purpose of a "wild" card?

@opperwezen Of course they won't be changed today :P.

i hope we also can get create a zh960 cwc match with 4players jannlee is allready in and the number 1 in the candidates and Yasser in it and a 4th playeris needed i dunno who to suggest yet with ko matches maybe it takes to much time but it would be cool

a) Wildcards

a.1) In favor

a.2) A candidate who did a good performance last year

b) Time control

I'm okay with slower time controls in the candidates (hard to implement on the previous rounds unless we change the numbers of games to be played per match.

Not higher than 5/5 unless again we change the number of necessary games to be played per match.