League Suggestions

I feel I'd go for option 2 in some other case, but given the circumstances and since the candidates alredy started I would probably stick with option 2.

I'd go with option 1, Fumitoks has been clear and I think it wouldn't be great to insist... I think 10 is a good number of players for the Candidates

Clarification: There will be no further rule changes during this iteration of the CWC. All discussion is for the next CWC. Please continue discussing the topic we started out in this thread. Thanks

What's the decision then to settle this? Since only me and littleplotkin vote option 3, it seems the majority vote and your decision is to confirm it will be a 10-man Candidates? Then we can get back to the wildcard question.

This is a separate issue and not related to any rules (withdrawal). I think we need more people to vote, but I'm in favor of option 1. Anyway, we can continue the discussion concerning wild cards now concurrently with the other discussion about the withdrawal.

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