Chapter 1: Siggah

Glacier, A Planet in which three races live together, the Trigazogs, the Yanscrapogs, and the Draegas, The Trigazogs are giant physically powerful red jocks, the Yanscrapogs are Yellow big eyed with way more organs than necessary
And the Draegas are Morphs who can decide whatever appearance they so please.

Mary: Jake! Why don't you and your friends go out and play? Dad just built you a swingset but you never use it.
Jake: Okay, mom.
Jake (Yanscrapog) Clyde (Trigazog) Videl (Draega) Go outside in the frontyard to play.
Clyde sits down on the Swing and breaks it
Clyde: Oops, sorry Jake. Think your dad will notice?
Jake: Nahh, looks practically the same.
Videl: Wanna go to the hideout?
Jake: Sure.
They make their way to the Hideout, it appears to be a tunnel, they enter inside
*Hissing noises* Videl: What was that?
Jake: I'm not sure..
Videl morphs her hand into a lightbulb and lights up the room, and to her surprise there's somebody there, frightened she falls down
Jake: A.. girl?
Clyde: Get behind me!
They get jumped and Clyde grabs hold of her and is headbutted
Clyde: You've got some fight on you!
...: LET ME GO!
The Mystery Girl headbutts Clyde until he eventually let's go, she falls to the ground and runs towards Videl and squishes her hand, hurting her and making her morph her hand back
Jake: VIDEL!
... Runs off, which Clyde get's angry and chases after her, they both leave the tunnel and Clyde jumps high up in the air landing himself in front of her and then quickly grabbing her
Jake screams Stop!
Clyde let's go
Jake: Who are you! Why are you in our hideout?
...: I didn't know it was your hideout, please they can't see me here!
Jake: Who can't see you here?
...: The Intergalactic Government, please, I need to hide.
Jake: If we let you stay at our hideout will you answer some questions?
She sighs and says "Not like I have much of a choice now, do I?"
They enter back in the tunnel and then make their way to the actual Hideout, it's bright, has some.. dirty couches and blankets, a TV, a fridge, and a bunch of Chagga Bar Wrappers
Jake: So, what's your name?
...: My name's Siggah
Videl: Why are you hiding from the Intergalactic Government?
Siggah: Because I was a Prisoner, they destroyed my planet since my people are the strongest in the Universe! I was hiding but was eventually found, questioned on where my Uncle is, I escaped.
Clyde: Hmmm.. Do they have Chagga Bars in Space?
Siggah: I.. I don't know what that is
Clyde: Thanks no further questions.
Jake: Ignore him, do they know you're here?
Siggah: I am not sure, but please let me stay here
Jake: Sure, we won't let you be found
Videl: Wait, if your planets the strongest in the universe how'd it get taken over?
Siggah: Because of this one loser who happens to also be very powerful, him and his other powerful allies decided to take over our planet, I'm a Gahsig
Jake: Wait, is that just Siggah randomly put together
Siggah: Yeah.. my parents randomly came up with it I guess
Videl: Hello?
Videl's Mom (Izzy): Videl, you and your friends come home now, it's urgent.
Videl: Why?
Izzy: Just come home, please. It's important.
Videl: Okay.. See you soon. *Hangs up*
Videl: That was my mom, she wants us to come home
Jake: Uhh, Okay, Siggah will you be fine?
Siggah: Yes, thank you.
They leave the tunnel, and as they are on their way home Videl says "I don't know if we can trust that girl."
Jake: Why not? she seems friendly
Videl: I.. I'm not sure.. What the, WHAT IS THAT?
They all look up in the sky and see a huge Spaceship
They reach Videl's house and Videl's mom comes out and asks them all to come inside.
They go inside and there's a tall man wearing a Suit
Izzy: Kids, this is Agent Crischkop, he's apart of the Intergalactic Government.
Crischkop: Have any of you seen a girl around here, very powerful, Short and light blue?
Jake: Doesn't ring a bell
Videl: Nope!
Clyde: Nah
Crischkop: Gotcha.. Well thanks anyways. Here's my card just in case though
Izzy: Oh, thank you.
Crischkop leaves
They all slowly try and leave out through the backdoor
Izzy: And where do you kids think you're going?
Videl: Nowhere..?
Jake: Home..?
Clyde: To the store for a Chagga Bar
Izzy: Clyde, you can go.
Clyde: Thanks!
Clyde leaves
Izzy: Kids, this is really important, did you see this girl?
Videl: I'm.. I'm sorry Jake
Jake: Videl.. please
Videl: We did, mom.
Izzy: Where?
Videl: At the tunnel
Jake: Videl.. Mrs Videl's Mom, Please don't tell those Agent guys
Izzy: It's too late for that, the card is bugged
Crischkop: Did you get it?
Agents: We got it! We found the Tunnel too, we're on the move!
Jake: WHAT?
They quickly leave and start running towards their hideout
Videl's mom screams their name to come back but they don't listen
Videl: I don't think we should trust her Jake, she's powerful they said, there's no telling what she's capable of
*Munching* Clyde: Heh, you really like those Chagga Bars huh?
Siggah: Yeah, they're good
*Munching continues*
Crischkop: GO GO GO!
Agents slide down a rope, landing on the ground and running towards the tunnel
Siggah: What's that noise?
Clyde: Oh, sorry, I'll eat slower
Siggah: Not you
*Running over puddles*
Siggah: There's somebody coming
Clyde: It's probably Jake and Videl
The Agents enter
Siggah: They found me.. how?
Clyde: She's not going with you
Crischkop: Neutralize the Trigazog
Agents: Copy that
Agents begin shooting tranqualizer darts at Clyde
Siggah: NOO
Clyde falls to the ground
The Agents tranqualize Siggah, and she also falls to the ground
The Agents pick up Siggah and Clyde and go outside,
Videl and Jake make it but they see that they've already got her, they hide behind a bush
Jake: No.. We're too late..
Videl, having second thoughts, decides to do the unthinkable
Videl: Grab my hand
Jake: Huh?
Videl: Just do it!
Jake grabs Videls hand and they both turn invisible!
Jake: Woah, I can't see you.. OR MYSELF!
Videl: Yeah we're invisible, let's hurry!
Jake: They have Clyde as well?!
They take Clyde and Siggah onto the ship, in which Jake and Videl also hop on without them noticing.
Trying not to make noise they hide behind some boxes and lay low, the ship takes off
Siggah is taken in with Handcuffs designed to neutralize her.
They take Clyde to his own personal cell next to other Prisoners, he is deemed with holding and attempt of protecting a very powerful fugitive.
Jake and Videl Go up to the Window and notices that they're not home anymore, and is in space!
Crischkop gets a call from his boss asking if they have any lead, in which Crischkop responds "Yes! we have retrieved her"
Boss: Good, bring her to me, I want her alive.
Crischkop orders for the Pilot to take them to the boss...


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