Antichess WC 2019: Candidates

Hey everyone

Not all matches of Qualification Round 8 have been played yet, but the top three cannot be altered anymore.

Congratulations to:
* @GrohochetGrom
* @SmashTimeFools
* @agaliana

These three players, plus @Ogul1, are the four participants of the Candidates stage, round-robin. (For posting scheduled match times and results, we'll keep using the same forum post as for the Qualification.)

The Candidates winner will face @arimakat in the Final.

!!! IMPORTANT !!! In the Candidates stage, players CANNOT stop playing once either reaches 5.5 points. The exact scores may need to be used as tiebreakers.

Good luck to all candidates!

Congratulations to the Candidates! Looking forward to some interesting games.

Congratulations to all and good luck!!

I would like to know how I could participate in the next tournament?
thank you

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