ACWC 2021 Registrations

ACWC 2021 registrations have been extended until 23:59 UTC on Friday October 8.

Now is your last chance to enter. First matches will be announced on October 12.

ACWC 2021 registrations have ended and eligible contestants have been selected. The following accounts have qualified:

@Agburanar @ak1969 @Alan_54 @aleksschtin @AlushTarabein
@apsid @arimakat @asvy @b0stja @basschess_1989
@bedawang @Bertfighter @birdnow @Borntolol @BrainyBean
@ChangeOpening @Chijss @CyberShredder @Daarts @devansh2008
@diopatzer @Douthy @drooksh @Einsiedlerlm @EmmanuelLevinas1
@ErinYu @Etoile-flamboyante @FiendfyreFrenzy @Gabrio @glaue2dk
@GrohochetGrom @Gympie-Gympie @hahahahahahahahabao @hortex90 @I-Zeus-I
@Iwasinelectrical @Jagulep @KOJEKUDE @Kotov_Syndrome @kuhar
@LaWeNfOrCeR17 @LearningVariants @LeoLeo24 @Link @lllAlll
@luka3916 @MagnusXL @MercySoul @Mi5ter_t @MiroMiljkovic
@ODMWND @Ogul1 @Peeyush_Sonkar @Pouria_h @r2300
@Raicosta @RealNP @RexIustus @royalblue04 @RoyalManiac
@RR007 @Sam_125 @SarangSule @ScrappyHo-oh @SeaSkank
@Shukhratovich @SirKex @Stephiv @stmboss @Suchir2009
@TheUnknownGuyReborn @UglySwede @UltimateSuperPlayer @vlad_00 @yourself101010

Pairings for the first round of matches will be announced on Tuesday October 12. If you qualified but do not want to participate, please contact a TD before that date.

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