ACWC 2020 Pairings and Match Results

Pairings will be announced in this forum thread.

After the match negotiations, either player must post the match time here. After the match itself, either player must post the results and relevant game links here.

All comments that are not pairing announcements, match times, or match results, will be removed from this forum thread.

The pairings for the first week of ACWC 2020 have been posted! Find your match here:

Please play your match and post your results by Sunday at 23:59 UTC. Good luck!

Me and IBlunderAlot124 are playing this Saturday at 1600 UTC (12 Noon EST)

I won against him back in 2018 6-2. What will this years results be? Tune in Saturday and find out! He is better than his rating so we'll see what happens

NOTE: Since we are reopening registrations, the pairings I posted before are not yet official. Sorry for this mixup.The official first pairings will be posted on Tuesday September 22.

@MagnusXL No all pairings should change. Very sorry for the mixup, we got a bunch of messages last night from people who didn't know registrations were open, and we wanted to accommodate those people.