ACWC 2019 Final Announcement

Congrats to @Ogul1 for winning the Candidates stage! Ogul will face @arimakat in the Final, played on a time that they are going to decide on.

Oh no, not that late. It's fifteen minutes to midnight here at that time. :)

And of course there will be a stream covering the final!

I will stream the event on Twitch in case anyone is interested in watching, and I will have a guest along with me to provide additional commentary. With that, I say good luck to our participants!


It's gonna be another exciting battle of e3. Hope to see some new unseen lines. Good luck to both @ogul1 and @arimakat .
I can feel you brother @finlip. @Shiaxou I'm interested in watching. During your stream just tell me what the players are doing and why.

what's your name on twitch shiaxou?

Might be a good time to mention it!

I have discussed the matter with a few other players, and the stream will take place on the Twitch channel Natsochess! I will still be there for some commentary, so don't worry.


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